Today: A beautiful parting and full tummies…

Today Luke and I went to Grandpa Bill’s funeral in Chetek. I have never felt so much peace before at a funeral.

even though I only knew Bill Lempke for 3 years I was so blessed to know him. It’s incredible to hear how one man who follows The Lord can change hundreds to thousands of peoples lives in many countries.

Thank you lord for Bill! there was an un describable happiness in that place today, it made everyone throw their hands in the air to Our faithful God. It was good. I’m left a better person and knowing my God a little more out of it.

Following the funeral we had Akram and Anita over for a late Christmas dinner of Morrocan chickeN. So much fun, love those guys. and… the chicken, yum yum! It came from cookbook primal cookbook I got for Christmas from my Mom. So stoked about these books! So many wonderful gluten free things I can make!

New cookbooks! Go gluten free yumminess!
New cookbooks! Go gluten free yumminess!

My sister, Wynter, birthday is tomorrow (www.wynterclark.com, swing by and wish her a happy birthday!).  I shall go chill with the Fam.

love and peace,



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