Nahong Update 2/8/13

Hey all, updates have been stacking up due to low internet connections. The paragraphs are dated from the last week. Love to all. 

Hello everyone!

Finally, a time to sit and write you all an update on how things have been going in Thailand!
It has been one of my most difficult trips here. Being married has its many blessings and less stress being able to spend more time with Luke, but poses a whole new set of spiritual warfare that I have never felt before. This year I am seeing God’s plan for Marriage more clearly, how we compliment each other so well. I don’t think I could have kept so positive without him! 
So, that’s new. 😛
God has been stretching us more than ever. Where we are living in the village is infested, so that i need to treat and sweep our bedroom out 3x a day. Our translator is sleeping in the living room, so privacy has been hard. This has proved to be good though, in that every night I find myself giving up my “rights” to God. It has made me remember why I am here and that I have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 
A couple days ago my Aunt from WI and a Friend from TX died on the same day. That was a hard blow to my spirit. Again, it reminded me of what it was like to be hopeless, to not have a hope for life and death. It made me sad, but I realized that any of the people here could die any day. I was confronted with reality and the un glamourous aspect of what we do. 
Please pray that I would know how to intercede for these people and not function in my own ideas. 

We have been in Nahong for 6 days now. Teaching has been going well, and the relationships we have with the teachers have picked up faster than ever before. Elle and Lisa are staying with a friend and teacher, Tuk. She has been amazing. Wanting to talk all of the time, we are praying for an opportunity to share more and more about why we come here every year. 

Last Saturday Luke, Myself and our translator P. we’re invited to a dinner celebration with one of the couples in the village, P’Li and P’learn. Their son (we had volunteered at his school last year) had just gotten married a few days before we came. We had an incredible time with them and their extended Family. We were able to pass on a Bible to the Son as a wedding gift. The Family is always talking about how our God has power, because when we pray things happen. P’Lie brought his up again at dinner and we took it as an opportunity to gift them a Thai Bible. Please pray for that Family! 
More to say, but I have to go teach again! 
Much love,
Hey all,
So, God is good.
Luke and I spent the last days with food poisoning- Luke had a fever going for about 8 hours and we were unable to teach yesterday. But through that sickness God did some major things in me and in the team. 
He challenged a lot of things in me and gave me new perspectives on being here. After being humbled by God I was able to go walk around the village at dusk to pray. I ran into a divine encounter with “Mae Uan”, who was friends with Christine and Holly. She is Bea’s grandma (some of you will know who I’m talking about). I ended up having dinner with them (which was a miracle in itself, since I was just getting over being sick. Seriously, I prayed so hard over that food.) for over an hour. The Lord somehow gave me enough ability to visit without any translator there- we have a good time. Mae’s son came over to treat the elderly Father’s eye with medicine (they had been telling me he had injured his eyes). I asked permission to pray to my God for him, and they welcomed me whole heartedly. I was able to hold his hand and pray for him- God was so there. It was an incredible thing for me, where God really confronted my fears and I could just be with and hear from Father. 
Luke was way sicker than I, he is finally able to get out and walk today. God used this sickness though to download some really cool stuff to Luke. I am glad the sickness is over, albeit the great things God did through it. 
This entire trip I just keep thinking… I am becoming more like Christ through this. We are “Making his suffering complete” by being here- God with skin.
We were also able to see Dear Dear Lamode! How excited we were to hang out again. 🙂 She was so thrilled she had to hold back tears. Her Family welcomed us with open arms and lots of hugs. 
We are hanging out with her and 2 of her friends tomorrow. 
I have been searching for awhile for some good tools in Thai to get to Lamode to help her understand Scripture and Spiritual Disciplines more. 2 Weeks ago we found a copy in Thai of Andrew Murrays books! *If you haven’t read any of his work, you definitely should. I am so stoked to give this to Lamode. 
We also d\found a Thai copy of Pilgrim’s Progress for Urt. *Happiness* 
I was geeking out just a little bit.
Tomorrow we are also going to Kru Sai’s son’s wedding. Please for for opportunities there.
Much Love,

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