A quick update from the other side of the orb we live on..

Hello everybody! 

I know that our updates are far between, but we want to keep you as updated as possible. This last week has been and interesting and rather difficult one, but I believe it has been fruitful. The teachers in the school spent the week at the ocean with the 6th grade students so we were on our own. While that really slowed life down, we were able to have some really meaningful interactions with friends in the village and also some new people we were able to meet away from school. I have also been able to spend a lot of time with the kids that didn’t go on the field trip and met some of the young men in the village. 

Last night we spent a few hours at Lamode’s house and we are getting to know her family really well. Lamode wants to be an English translator and we have been exchanging languages. We hope that one day Lamode will be our translator. We talked last night about how we would love if she visited America when she graduates! So a lot of relationships our being built strong with her and her family. Praise God for that! 

God is moving here in Nahong. Many friends of ours are to the point of calling us family and that is a real honor and soon I pray that the doors swing WIDE! So please keep us in your prayers this week. *Huge prayer need is that we function and love well this week. It does not look like we will have a translator this week so our language needs to be the love of Jesus. Also pray we can sustain some energy this week. Yesterday was 103 degrees and coming from -3 to 103 really takes it’s toll. 

God bless you and keep you all SO MUCH! We love you and you are in our prayers.


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