Morning Coffee

Good morning friends,

As I sit here with my coffee, I know that God is good. đŸ™‚
Cheyenne and I have been doing really well since we got back from Thailand on March 4th. It was a very good trip that was very physically draining for us, but we got to see God do great things. My favorite part of the trip was seeing Lamode. Many of you remember her story of how she became a Christian, lost her memory of it but was then restored by God and is following Him still. It was great to see that she is just a bundle of joy and light in a dark place. She is also very bold. Asking Jesus to heal her father while laying her hands on him with the whole family around. Bringing her best friend and mother over to our house to ask for healing over Cheyenne. She is a witness and it has been a great joy and humbling experience to witness and be a part of this young girl’s life!

We love you all so much! God bless you.
Psalms 52:8-9


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