Our Summer in FULL COLOR



Vacation week! The first week of July we spent visiting Minocqua, swimming, fireworks, friends and family. What a refresher for us, it was exactly what was needed!



Watching the Ski Show! Always fun. 



Our First Annual “Infusion”! Our 12 day Discipleship program for highschoolers couldn’t have been more of a success. Lives were given to God, and teens left on fire to change their World! It brings tears to my eyes to remember what God did during those 2 weeks. Luke & I will be running it again next Summer after we return from our 6 months in Thailand. Next Summer will include a Phase 2 for the students who came this year, and extra 2 days of more intense Study. Our goal is to teach them how to take it even further and start their own Bible studies, Groups, etc. May it be, Lord!

PS*It was A TON of work! If anyone is interested in volunteering in any capacity next year, hit me up! 



More pictures from Infusion `13. Praying over each other one by one. Practicing hearing encouragement form the Lord for each other. 



Celebrating our 1 Year anniversary of Marriage! Here we are reminiscing at the spot where Luke asked me to be his wife. 



Celebrating my Birthday with a new Bike! (What a sneaky husband I have, I had no clue.)

Cheers to getting back in shape this fall! (And looking cute on a retro bike while doing it.)


And of course, Lots & Lots of Weddings!


(Our Best Friends, Matthew and Crystal were able to come up from Fargo, ND and visit.)



Top it all off with a week-long visit from ANDREW, and you have a Summer! 

Luke was so happy to have his Brother back. **Andrew is our Cousin from OH, the Best Man in our wedding, for reference. 

The past couple weeks have been filled with DTS Preparation, meetings and training everyday. Good and exciting, we have much details to take care of with a large international class coming on a few weeks!

So, Today we are just enjoying our Labor Day and resting up from the last few weeks. Knowing that God is good, and when you do things that He asks of you, you will not be drained. Physically, yes, but emotionally and spiritually we are filled and encouarged. Thank you for all of your prayers this Summer. 

Here’s to hoping for a prolonged Fall, eh? 

Much Love, 



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