*** A Very Merry Christmas re-cap! ***

Hello Everyone!
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! We most definitely did. 
Here’s a quick re-cap of our last few weeks!
MAJOR HIGHLIGHT! 3 weeks ago our Discipleship Training School focused on teaching and training the Students in Evangelism. This lead to several state-side outreaches where we got to meet new people, pray with them, etc. I had the Divine privilege of meeting a 20 year old girl who was so touched by God she ended up giving her life to the Lord. Awesome! I was stoked. Overall that week we gained 3 new Members into the Kingdom of God. 
Luke & I were crazy blessed by the 5 DTS Students passion and overcoming there fears of leaving their comfort zones. This was fun for us to see as we typically Evangelize through relational Evangelism over Mall Evangelism. But the Holy Spirit is kind to lead us to the right people who are ready to hear the Gospel of Christ. 
Luke and I have kept busy the last 2 weeks prepping for Outreach to Thailand! 
He and I are the outreach Leaders for the DTS this year, and so we have a lot more paperwork and preparation than we had in the past. 
God is good, and we have peace through it all. The Students will be with us for the first 2 months. Luke and I will be remaining to continue the work until June 2014. 
Father continues to provide for our trip financially. We sent out an Estimated Budget of our needs 3 months ago, which was $8,800. We are down to only needing $415! Luke and I are blown away daily by the Support we feel, and we are confident that this is God’s Trip. Pray for us- that we would walk in the Will of the Father while we are there. I think He has some very specific agendas for us.
 Pray that God would put people in our path (in country) who would catch a heart for Nahong and help us continue the Discipleship there.  
In short- We leave in 8 Days! I would love to hear from you. Shoot me an e-mail or a phone call before we leave. 🙂
Much Love and Blessings!
Cheyenne Neraasen

1 thought on “*** A Very Merry Christmas re-cap! ***”

  1. Praise the LORD!!! Praise the LORD!!! How awesome He is! Wow… How He has provided! I am excited once again by His provision! Praise the LORD! Let everything that has breath, Praise the LORD!!! Continuing to pray the team through!

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