Week 3!

Hello all,

We are now well into a third week of ministry.
From a big city with a lot happening the first week, to a small village with dim lights and squatty potties, our trip is going very well so far!

This week started with the team going Bamboo rafting with P’Lie, a woman in the village we have seen every year. We have shared the gospel with her before and she asks us for prayer a lot because she has seen the power in our prayers. So it was good to spend time with her doing some fun stuff outside the village. She had a blast with us, even though her raft capsized and her cell phone was no more…

Teaching English has really improved this week and the students are really learning well. Cheyenne and my students are at a place where they are able to read English! It’s awesome to see their English improve so much.

Yesterday our student, Amber got to share the story of creation, down at the river and the kids were very interested. Before Amber shared, the kids at school asked our translator May to tell them the story of Jesus! They are interested to know about how May used to be buddhist and now has a personal relationship with Jesus. He is drawing people to himself.

Cheyenne also had a light conversation with one of the teachers about how God worked in her life and in my life when he brought us together to be married.

Your prayers are helping us get through each day and are opening doors for us to share his love. Thank you!

We are here in Nahong with the full team for 2 more weeks. Then we will be in Chiang Mai for a week and after that Cheyenne and I will come up to Nahong to finish out the school year. Pray for our teams last few weeks and the DTS students we have been blessed to have with us.

God bless.

Lucas N.


Back in Thailand!

Hello from Thailand!
We and our team landed in Chiang Mai last Tuesday night (Thai time). Our first two weeks of ministry have been going very well. We are in the city working with a ministry called Lighthouse In Action. They are doing a lot of work all over Northern Thailand. Here in Chiang Mai they have teams working with the kids in the slums, doing relational ministry in the red light district of Chiang Mai, and a outreach to buddhist monks. They are also who first got us connected with Nahong and still are senders to various villages. It’s been really cool to see all the good things God is doing through this ministry and hearing all of the testimonies. We have been a part of the Monk outreach, intercession for the red light ministry, english teaching, renewing the new ministry center and are planning on doing slum kid ministry.
The new Lighthouse center here in Chiang Mai is a 6 story building and they are in the process of painting all the walls white to turn the center into a “blank canvas”. Teams with artists then come in to paint a prophetic mural in each room. Cheyenne is working on fixing a mural right now, and she LOVES the opportunity to paint and create.

Yesterday our team volunteered to help teach English with a ministry called Abba house. We didn’t know what to expect, only that they needed help and we were available. It turned out to be an awesome experience for us and the team! The team split into two’s and taught four classes at three hours each. They were part of an accredited English class at Maejo University. It was really good experience for our team before going to Nahong where we will be English teachers. The students are now filled with confidence because if they can handle teaching a university class, they can handle grade school!

So, our time here in the city has been fruitful and encouraging. We have one more day here and then we will head up to Nahong. Please be praying for our team as we follow God’s call to bring His love to Nahong!

Love, Luke & Chey.
Photo update coming soon!