So, our God is a big God. There are so many things that should have gone wrong on our travels, 2 missed car accidents, 2 flights that should have been missed but weren’t due to angel employees at the airports, missing all of our luggage but it is being tracked down by CNX. We are so grateful!
And an overall sense of joy through the tiredness.
Today we were met with am amazing breakfast by our dear friend P Emmi, followed by Thai culture and ministry orientation. Pray that we would catch a heart and vision for our time here in the city. Pray for the students as it is there first time and culture can be overwhelming.

Love to all!
Cheyenne and Lucas


Coldest Day Ever (And Flying!)

Hey All!

We are flying out tonight!

Pray for us as we travel, we need it! It is bitter cold out there friends. Wind-chill is supposed to hit -50 while we are on the road. Leaving the YWAM Northwoods Campus with Students in tow at 2:30 AM. I am tired, I tell you what. 

Love and Blessings, Will let you know when we arrive safety in Chiang Mai!

~ Cheyenne