Hello again. It’s been a while!

It has been due to our lack of internet connection that this update has taken so long to send.
Without further ado!

Hey everybody, Luke here.

Chey and I have been on our own for a month now.
After seemingly getting over our sickness, a lot of the last month we have been building our strength back up. We are feeling better each day, so thank you for all your prayers and concern for our health.

And last week (3/2/14) was probably one of the craziest weeks of my life!
It all started as Chey and I waited for our friend from the village, P’Sak, to pick us up in Chiang Mai. The week culminated in driving a motorcycle to Nahong from Mae Chaem (50min mountain drive) for the first time after spending our weekend doing a border run to Burma to renew our visas.

But I’ll go back to the week before…
That is where the English world became no more. It is Thai now. Armed with nothing but our little bit of Thai language, love and knowledge of our call to be here. We are living, eating and speaking (trying to) Thai. Our primary language is love and our ministry is as such. Which can get frustrating as a driven American who thinks taking aggressive action is more then not, the solution. God has been showing me more and more that He calls people to Himself. My daily prayer is that the people here would be ready and willing to follow after truth. Everyone here knows at least small parts of the gospel, and most all of them know what Chey and I are about and that we are missionaries. But it is hard to go deep enough to evaluate within yourself if what you have always believed to be true is or not. We have had the pleasure of seeing people set free. Of seeing them pray to the one true God for the first time. But the unreached places in the world are unreached because they are difficult and take time.

And so, we are part of that time. In 1 Thessalonians 1:5 Paul says that not only did the gospel come to the people in word and in power, but they also saw the men Paul and his companions proved to be. Men of integrity. We need Christ’s strength to be like Him. To love. Love is patient. God is moving. Just for us to be here interceding, worshiping and praising the one true God in Nahong is His plan. I believe He will one day be widely worshiped in and around these mountains!

Other than that our daily life here looks like teaching, eating with the teachers, hanging out at some of the shops, helping the woman we are staying with with her grandchildren and learning more Thai language.

This week Chey was able to pick back up again with one of the girls who became a Christian a couple years ago. Her and the newest girl (who received a Bible from our DTS Students several weeks ago) are doing a daily Bible study & prayer. God has provided enough Thai language and bi-lingual material for this to work out really well.

*Update 03/19/2014
Today students asked us if we would play guitar and teach the bible after school! At 4pm we will be doing that and at 7pm we will be going to Lamode’s house to spend time with her and some friends.

Pray that God wold have His way with us.

We miss you all so much! See you in a few Months!

Luke & Chey.

Lucas Neraasen


3 thoughts on “Hello again. It’s been a while!”

  1. Great update! Proud of you. Encouraging you to maintain God’s agenda…it will continuously be your safeguard and will provide you freedom to display unconditional love. Thanks for being there!

  2. So good to hear from you young people and to see how God is working in and through you. Keep on keeping on knowing your being covered in prayer. Love ya, Denna

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