Good news, fellas! Only women are required to be modest, apparently.

This Guy nails the VIRTUE of Modesty right on the head. A great read, we’ve gone through a lot of this running Christian Programs and wondering how to go about this topic. This is all about the heart of modesty. What it is and how it should naturally flow. I love it! – Chey.

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I feel scandalized.

I was scrolling my Facebook newsfeed (there’s my first mistake) and suddenly my eyes were viciously assaulted by immodest and improper images that had been posted by someone clearly begging for attention; some shameless floozy selfishly attempting to enflame lust and covetousness in the heart of the unsuspecting viewer.

I should mention that the person in the images was a man, and he was, mercifully, fully clothed.

In fact, the focus of the photo wasn’t even a person at all. My Facebook ‘friend’ had posted a picture of his expensive new boat. I know that it was expensive, because he alluded to the steep price in the caption, saying that he has the ‘best wife in the world’ because she ‘actually let [him] buy this.’

You see what he did there (besides insinuating that the value of his spouse depends on her cooperation with his desire to purchase pricey recreational equipment)? Lest you accuse him of being uncouth, he cloaked his boast in a compliment of his ‘best wife,’ which means…

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“The Land of Smiles” I took some time to actually go about and take some Photographs for ya’ll. I hope it captures a little bit of the culture and lifestyle here. It’s definitely a mind-meld for me to do Ministry here. It’s amazing how different people can think. Thank you for all of your prayers and love, God is sure teaching me many things. Jesus became all things to all men, and I’m called to be like Him. How to transcend culture? Lots of Holy Spirit reliance. ❤