There are more Slaves today than ever before in History…


Hey all, Cheyenne Here,

It’s heavy on my heart to remind our Friends to JOIN US IN PRAYER & ACTION.

The Superbowl is coming quickly, everyone loves football, right? Well, not the underage sex slaves being exploited for profit.

Last year NJ did a great job responding to this problem! But they only scratched the surface!

PLEASE pray with us. Luke and I saw girls (and I mean girls 6-13 years of age) firsthand being sold to “Johns” during our 6 months in Thailand. Our Mission there really opened our eyes to how many people are enslaved today.

One of our DTS Students this year shared with me when she came that she was a victim of forced child prostitution. God has used her story, healed her heart and set her free. But that was in WISCONSIN.

We are following God’s prick on our hearts to become more involved in the anti-human trafficking coalition worldwide. Stay tuned for ways you can help!

We love you all!

Here is the Youtube Video from a NJ news station last year, Please watch. And let’s pray more are rescued next month!

To God be the Glory.

– Cheyenne


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