The Overlooked.

I seriously am PUMPED for this outreach!
Last Spring I really caught a heart for all of the people who are just overlooked in the Cities of the world, lost in the sea of faces. Such an easy place for injustice and poverty to hide. Jesus’ heart was for the Orphans, Widows & Poor.
I am feeling so beyond blessed to be taking a team of 14 for 2 months to Athens and Prague.  I’m not worthy of such a great gift, to pass on blessing and bring restoration. He is good, Isn’t He?

In Greece we will be working to help with the Refugee crisis wherever we are needed (which is still kind of everywhere at this point with borders closing). Pray for divine encounters and God appointments!

In Prague we will be working with the longterm YWAM families there. Assisting their ministries in Justice. Working with the Homeless, Trafficked, at risk children and under privileged. Prague is incredibly atheistic. Pray for God to show up in ways that they cannot deny. Pray the Luke & I can be Jesus with skin on to them.

Pray also for the remaining $400 of our food & housing needs to come in. Fund raising has been going amazingly well. We went from $6,600 needed for Luke & I to do this to $400 needed in just 6 weeks! Praise God. Thanks to all who have given! If you are interested in helping with the rest of the total just shoot us an e-mail or text at 612-247-9437

Pray also for us as we are staying at the Hostels in these Cities. What a great opportunity to build relationship with other tourists at breakfast (who are often visiting for un-savory purposes) and spread the good news! Last spring Luke had amazing conversations with some of the men on his floor. Spreading understanding & love.

Love to you all!



1 thought on “The Overlooked.”

  1. We’re praying for you guys that God would guide your steps, give you devine appointments, and keep you all healthy spirit, mind and body. Can’t wait to hear about it!

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