The Little Polish Lady…

Walking through this Park in Athens, Greece I, Cheyenne, was reminded not to forget love. Myself and 3 others were taking a prayer walk through this park located behind the parliament building. Interceding for the Country as well as for our Team members who were at one of the Squatters buildings in the Anarchist district of the City. During this prayer time we ran into a bent over old lady sitting on a park bench. And by old, I mean OLD. My heart broke to think that she might not have an actual home by the looks of her. I was able to sit down by her on the bench to which she insisted on standing up and greeting the whole group. In very broken English we found out that she came to Athens years and years ago from Poland. However, the language barrier was too much and we couldn’t know why. But when I asked if we could pray with her she became ecstatic. It seems that she may have been one to flee Poland during WWII (I only wish I could know her whole story). But the Spirit of God needs no language and we prayed together thanking the Lord & Blessing this woman. Afterwards she declined our offer to get food and instead smothered us with so many kisses. I have never been kissed by a stranger like that before! Haha! What a sweet lady she was. Today I am remembering her and lifting her up in my prayers. Father knows her story and He is fighting for her.


Much Love, Cheyenne.


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