July is here!

Wow! How did that happen???

On the topic of Summer, Lucas and I hosted our first YWAM Tribe party at our house a few days ago (Tribe is a network for YWAM alumni/friends to gather to be missional communities all over the world and work out the Great Commission in their spheres of society together. Although, they are in the midst of a name change now).

We definitely filled our little townhouse to the max! On the hottest day of Summer so far we crammed many people and good food, good conversation, games & prayers inside the air conditioned space. haha. But it was so good to meet new people in our City and connect with old friends here too. There are so many people seeking God’s heart for the Twin Cities, Lucas and I want to be a connecting point and encouraging force for our kindred spirits here. More of these meetings to come, for sure!

Meanwhile, after much reflection, I am starting a side-gig making people allergen/diet friendly 30 day meal plans. I realized that I want to be adding into our economy as a missionary too and not be so dependent on churches and friends for the events I want to host! I will be saving a portion of what I make from this venture to go towards My new community development initiative.

I would LOVE your prayers, words of encouragement in this! Sometimes in the City it’s so easy to feel like you’re doing it alone. There’s just so many people opposing you! But I often think on this portion of “the Screwtape Letters” by C.S. Lewis.

(In the book, “Screwtape” is the Devil and his demon is “Wormwood”. This is what the Devil says to the demon about Christianity.)

“Wormwood, the church is fertile field if you keep them bickering over details, structure, money, property, personal hurts and misunderstandings. One thing you must prevent, don’t ever let Christians look up and see the banner of victory flying, because you’ll lose them — never let them see the glory of God.”

Much Love, Cheyenne.



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