We are Lucas & Cheyenne Neraasen,

YWAM Missionaries & CCDA Members

For the last 8 years We have been Discipling & making Believers in Jesus Christ in WI, Northern Thailand and now Minneapolis. Wisconsin is our sending base (Shoutout to YWAM Northwoods!), we are currently a part of a small team working with YWAM Alumni in the Twin Cities. This Alumni care includes Pastoral care/mentorship, Worship & Intercession Nights at local coffee shops, outreaches. Helping the missionaries transition to lay-mens hours and a missional lifestyle. It’s important to know you are not alone, and in the metro area with a huge populous it can be easy to feel forgotten and lose your fire. This is why we made the transition from the woods to the City.

We love what we do, our heart is for the healing Gospel of Jesus to be spread and to fight for Global Justice. Being Jesus’ hands and feet to the broken in the US, SE Asia & Europe.

Our beautiful 2 year old Daughter, Everly Lily, joins us on our endeavors. She’s a ray of sunshine and can make the grouchiest bus-rider smile!

We enjoy being liaisons for a nearby Discipleship Training School as the City guides. It’s been great to be able to take groups of young people around the City and show them the spiritual/social/mental dynamics and how they can go home and change their cities.

We are passionate about Hospitality! We are in the process of discovering what it would take to jump into a business as mission model with the hospitality industry (Cafe, B&B). We have seen how people instantly relax in these atmospheres and can connect spiritually much easier. We want to be an oasis of peace in a City of chaos. It’s been a slow learning process. Lucas has been working with a Coffee Shop not too far from our apartment as a test run. Keep following our blog for updates!

Everything we do with YWAM is %100 volunteer based, we rely on God’s provision daily. Our income from the coffee shop pays our rent, but everything else is month to month faith! Follow our Blog via e-mail to keep up with our comings and goings. Any questions? Don’t hesitate to ask!

To learn more about Cheyenne’s Community Development & Hospitality Ministry go to www.thrivetogethermn.wordpress.com

cheyenneneraasen@gmail.com & lucasneraasen@yahoo.com

At Minnehaha Falls, Minneapolis. Historically a sacred place of worship.

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