Support the Nahong Outreach

Hey All! As you know, Luke and I spent a lot of time in and out of Nahong Thailand.

Our long term goal was to raise up Thai believers to carry on the work there.

Praise God for our amazing friend P’Taa! He came with us to Nahong as our translator several years running. He has been planting YWAM in central Thailand for the last few years and is now established enough to be taking teams of Thai YWAMers back to Nahong!

Luke and I are giddy with excitement over this! Please join us in praying for him and his team! Thai people respond so much more quickly to the hope of the gospel when it comes from someone in their own culture. They have deep cultural pride and so P’Taa will be able to take leaps and bounds in which we were limited!

So awesome! Let us know if you will commit to praying along side us everyday of their outreach. We will keep you updated here with any updates we hear. Below is the link to his newsletter detailing what they need and will be doing. Also, Luke and I will be supporting this mission with a portion of our monthly support, so THANK YOU for making that possible! If you feel led to give extra there are instructions within the newsletter.

In other news, Baby Neraasen is on a growth spurt and I’m having trouble putting my socks on! Praise God 🙂 Everything checks out as a perfectly healthy baby thus far. Keep us in our prayers. Much love,

Cheyenne (& the mini-me).


A unexpected journey.

Read below! We are moving to Minneapolis, and soon. Check out the story of how we’ve come to where we are today and if you have questions or comments please reach us by email, facebook or at 612-247-9437. If you are interested in joining our support team, visit our support page or contact us.


News from Zion.

Here’s an update on Zion cafe’ and lighthouse in action in Chiang Mai! They are doing amazing things. (for new readers, this is the Ministry Luke and I partnered with in Thailand for several years)

They are always on our hearts and in our prayers, say a prayer for Emmi and her Staff today, would you? Here is what they are launching now! Check it out. Saving girls and hearts for Jesus. ❤