The Overlooked.

I seriously am PUMPED for this outreach!
Last Spring I really caught a heart for all of the people who are just overlooked in the Cities of the world, lost in the sea of faces. Such an easy place for injustice and poverty to hide. Jesus’ heart was for the Orphans, Widows & Poor.
I am feeling so beyond blessed to be taking a team of 14 for 2 months to Athens and Prague.  I’m not worthy of such a great gift, to pass on blessing and bring restoration. He is good, Isn’t He?

In Greece we will be working to help with the Refugee crisis wherever we are needed (which is still kind of everywhere at this point with borders closing). Pray for divine encounters and God appointments!

In Prague we will be working with the longterm YWAM families there. Assisting their ministries in Justice. Working with the Homeless, Trafficked, at risk children and under privileged. Prague is incredibly atheistic. Pray for God to show up in ways that they cannot deny. Pray the Luke & I can be Jesus with skin on to them.

Pray also for the remaining $400 of our food & housing needs to come in. Fund raising has been going amazingly well. We went from $6,600 needed for Luke & I to do this to $400 needed in just 6 weeks! Praise God. Thanks to all who have given! If you are interested in helping with the rest of the total just shoot us an e-mail or text at 612-247-9437

Pray also for us as we are staying at the Hostels in these Cities. What a great opportunity to build relationship with other tourists at breakfast (who are often visiting for un-savory purposes) and spread the good news! Last spring Luke had amazing conversations with some of the men on his floor. Spreading understanding & love.

Love to you all!



It’s Official!

Hey all!

Officially letting you know that Lucas and I will be leading our Team of DTS Students this January/Feb. on a Mission to Prague, Czech Rep. & Greece!

Europe is in desperate need for volunteer teams to come and help serve amongst the refugees. There are places all over Europe where there are refugee sites that need volunteers to come and help serve, hand out food, clean and talk with the people.

In Prague we will be working with YWAM there bringing Justice and Light to the City. Reaching out to the exploited. And also coming alongside the long-termers there however we can help!

In Greece, well, you’ve all seen the footage. They are in need of some serious hands and feet! May the first thing these refugees encounter is God’s love and a warm, safe environment. We will be taking a team of 12-14 to go and answer the call for help.

Will update with details this week!

Love to you all!



DTS 2015 Outreach

Hey all! Here is an awesome informative video about the Refugee crisis going on. Luke and I are leading this Disciplehsip crew of 5 guys and 5 girl Students. As we have been praying this Fall about our January outreach our hearts have gone out to the Refugee crisis in Europe right now! Please join us in praying for the Nations!

Will post by the end of this week with outreach details!

*Side note* THANK YOU for all of your prayers and support! Luke & I have felt like we’ve been running non-stop leading this DTS, but the fruit has soooo been worth it! This is a GREAT team God has put together, we are expecting God to move and many miracles on this Outreach.

Matthew 11:11, our Papa knows how to give good gifts. He will never leave us hanging.

But pray that Luke & I get some time together this week as it is much needed. 🙂

Love and blessings! Keep on pressing on!



INFUSED again.

Hey all Here are some highlights from INFUSION 2015! Luke & I had a BLAST. These kids are amazing. Thank you God for everything you did! This Infusion ran from July 26- August 7th (and we’re still exhausted! lol)

Thank you for all of your support!

IMG_2013DSC_0194 DSC_0218 DSC_0301 DSC_0580 DSC_0876 DSC_0994

What is it?

Infusion aims to teach Young people how to live the life of a Disciple of Jesus Christ.

In our busy modern world our Youth are getting lost in the noise. Come quiet your life during this 10 day intensive program. Where we will set aside cell phones, computers and internet to Get back to Basics and know who your God really is.

Teachings and living quarters will take place in our lake side “Main Lodge” on 180 acres of wooded land, an ideal environment to seek the Lord. Spend free time on the Lake, hiking, biking or even in our Prayer chapel. Choose to set aside these 10 days to live & hear from the Creator.

Teaching topics will include:

  • What is a Disciple?
  • Personal Spiritual Life (“quiet time”)
  • Learning to Pray, How to hear God’s voice.
  • Identity & Destiny in Christ.
  • The heart of Servanthood.

We will follow up our teachings with tangible “Jesus’ hands” activities, such as, going out to serve the needy in our own area, and assisting in local projects.