Here is our “Conclusion” from our Scouting Trip to Eastern Europe, as it pertains to our “Ministry”.

This is the conclusion we wrote to bring to out YWAM Staff meeting, so some of it may not pertain to you, Dear reader. But I feel like it helps to understand much of why we went on such a short Mission to Eastern Europe. Also, it resounds our heart and dream for our Local Church not just YWAM Northwoods. We would love to take non-YWAMers on these trips with us in the Future!

Stay tuned for a more “story telling” post about the Beautiful people we met!

Much Love, Cheyenne. 

A Conclusion of the Neraasen’s Trip to Eastern Europe with Alisa Sherman.

In 14 days we visited Amsterdam (Netherlands), Prague (Czech Rep.), Latvia & Romania (SHINE Conference).

Needless to say, what a trip! So much travel in so few days. And yet somehow the days seemed packed full! We were able to meet and connect with so many different YWAMers and Ministries working on the ground in Easter Europe to combat Human Trafficking.

We were totally encouraged by these people who have given up their comfortable lives to whole heartedly live out the Gospel among the broken.

We found out our Ministry there was that of focusing on blessing these workers. Be it Worship gathering, one-on-one times with new staff, Intercession & prophecy over them and even a time of essential oil Massage therapy! (Of course that was just Cheyenne with the women’s staff.)

We also learned SO much. We found ourselves being poured into by these awesome YWAMers. Being refreshed in the Vision that God has called us to. To “Act Justly, Love Mercy and Walk Humbly with our God” (Micah 6:8). We met with people who gave us the tools to begin educating our Local Area to this Issue (It’s not just in Eastern Europe, it is in our Hometowns).

Or as We like to put it “Think Globally, Act Locally”. We are called to the World, to preach the Gospel! AND also to change our Communities, the Gospel brings transformation to all spheres of our society, Including Social Justice.

How can we as YWAM Northwoods become a part of this?

Local Education. Through talking with others we’ve discovered that you really need to our into awareness before you can have the Support team you will need to really get your Justice Ministry going. Most people do not know that Slavery still exists, much less explaining to them about “coercion” and Manipulation of Individuals considered “at risk”. This would begin on our Campus and spread to the Local Churches, coffee shops, etc.

Practice Prevention. Know the signs of at risk youth. This is a huge blind-spot in the American Church Circle. We judge and do not see the danger lurking behind these teens.

Partnering with these Ministries to send “Interns” for 3-6 months at a time. This would be an amazing opportunity for Staff and DTS Alumni.

Staff joining the Local Task forces.

More Outreaches outside of the DTS. Staff groups going out and working with Justice Initiatives, not just to “staff the DTS Outreach” but to go during other times of the year as well. Keyword: Mobility Increase.

And so much more!

How Luke and Chey want to bring this into the DTS.

We see now that Justice & Worship go hand in hand. The teams the Missionaries on the ground told us were most effective were supremely HUMBLE. In that they did not come on with a “Hero Complex” but were willing to be “the least of these”. We often do not glamorize Worship & Intercession, but for every 5 people these DTS teams sent out onto the Streets 5 more stayed behind to Pray and Worship. This brought them great success. We see that God has been leading our Campus into a right heart of Worship the last couple years. It only seems natural that we would transition into “going out” with a heart of worship into these Justice Issues. This is the heart we want to instill into the DTS. Not necessarily a “Justice DTS” or a “Worship DTS” but a DTS whose heart Fears God and leads us into Worship and Justice everyday. Also, Intentionally bringing in the Education in these areas. This would look more like what we did last year with the “Worship Track” but also incorporating an extra-curricular “Justice Track”.

We would also love to see the “Justice Track” DTSers going on their outreach to one of these Ministry Opportunities we mentioned in Eastern Europe to help them get a Global Perspective.

However, we realize this would not be for everyone. We would love to see multiple DTS Teams go out this year to really hit on “Worship Ministry” and “Justice Ministry”. Possibly Ethiopia and Prague. 


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