Prayer Request.

Hey All, Cheyenne here.

Just a quick prayer request. I felt like I should really share what’s been going on because prayer does work! And I realize I have been keeping it to myself, but I should really be reaching out to my prayer warriors! 🙂

I have been dealing with a lot of health issues since we came back to the US in June. I haven’t really wanted to admit it between working with the DTS, traveling and not wanting to pay for a Dr. (Poor excuses) I chose to just ignore and move along. However, once the DTS Students left for Ethiopia and Luke & I took a week off, I realized just how tired I was!

Long story short, I “came clean” with Luke about just how concerned I was at how poorly I have been feeling. And we decided Insurance or not that clearly we needed to be in the US during this time to get my health back in order. I am now going to a couple different Drs, and it already has been such a relief! I am going in for some tests for Lymes and Candida Infection in a few weeks. Please keep us in your prayers as we walk through this healing journey (because Luke is my biggest support and encouragement, he needs prayers too!). However, I am encouraged not discouraged. Being an international Missionary requires more responsibility with the “shell” we have been given, I’m learning. Taking more precautions and more health checks. haha. 🙂

But anyways, I just wanted to share with my Friends. I am going to be slowing down a bit this Spring and focus on health and keeping my eyes on the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which brings healing to the Soul and Body. Amen!

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1 thought on “Prayer Request.”

  1. Love and prayers coming your way, sorry to hear that you’ve been feeling poorly.

    Gordon has been suffering from what we believe is lymes since September when he was bitten by a tick in Kentucky. He is having Parkinson’s type symptoms but specialists are not ready to tell him that yet. Has also been checked for a stroke, no stroke.

    Hope with the help of your doctors they get to the bottom of your ills. Will continue to pray for you and Lucas. Let your supporters know if you need help with finances!

    Love ya Denna

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